Premio Spada 2020

Cerimonia di premiazione del Premio Spada 2020 alle migliori tesi di Dottorato.

  • Data: 20 febbraio 2020 dalle 14:30 alle 17:30

  • Luogo: aula I del Dipartimento di Chimica “G. Ciamician”

The Chemistry PhD Programme Coordinator Prof. Domenica Tonelli is pleased to announce the names of the 32nd cycle PhD students who have been awarded the Prize in memory of Gian Piero Spada.

Ex aequo in Analytical Chemistry:   

Emanuele Porru for the thesis entitled "Development and validation of new separative methods coupled to mass spectrometry for bioactive signaling molecules” and

Federica Mariani for the thesis entitled “Design and characterization of Electrochemical Sensors for Organic Bioelectronics” 

Industrial Chemistry

Martina Marinelli, for the thesis entitled “New Functional Polythiophene Based Materials: Fine-Tuning Of Photovoltaic Or Chiroptical Properties”

Inorganic Chemistry

Luca Fornasari, for the thesis entitled  “Static And Dynamic Crystal Engineering: Towards New Materials Based On Boronic Acids And Solid-State Molecular Motion”

Physical Chemistry

Mattia Melosso, for the thesis entitled  “Rotational and ro-vibrational spectroscopy of small nitrogen-containing species and their astrophysical applications”

Ex aequo in Organic Chemistry

Juzeng An, for the thesis entitled  “Gold Catalyzed Functionalization of Alkyne and Allenamide”

Michele Anselmi, for the thesis entitled  “Synthesis of new integrin ligands for therapeutic and diagnostic applications


During the Ceremony, the winners will give a 20 minute talk on the results of their research and will be presented with medals.