New Approaches in Nanocarbo-catalysis for organic transformations - Nano-Carbo-Cat

PRIN [2019-2022]


The Nano-Carbo-Cat project aims at addressing some of these challenges posing the base to innovative concepts in the use of tailored-designed nanostructured carbon materials in synthetically intriguing organic transformations having has main player the formation of new carbon-carbon linkages. Additionally, the project will also explore for the first time the competence of new oxidized nanohorns, nanodiamonds and carbon nanotubes (ox-CNTs) as chemical promoters in order to address one major limit by GO: high catalyst loading. Last but not least, fullerene derivatives endowed with specific oxygen functional groups, and the using of computational and spectroscopic analyses, will contribute in rationalizing pivotal concepts such as structure/property relation and reaction mechanisms.

Durata del progetto

november 2019 – october 2022

Responsabile locale e Nazionale

Prof. Marco Bandini


Università di Genova
CNR-ISOF Bologna
Università di Palermo


euro 384.000